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In August 1937 The Toho Industrial Research Laboratory was established and commenced research and trial manufacture of selenium rectifiers . The laboratory was dissolved at the end of the World War 2 and the late Tetsuji Kotani, who was the chief of the semiconductor laboratory at the time, inherited the engineers and facilities, and established Toho Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. In June 1962 the name was changed to Sanken Electric Co., Ltd.. Sanken Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 1946, at the very beginning of the postwar period. At the time, the semiconductor industry was still in its infancy. We pursued research and development of semiconductors and used the technologies we developed to begin manufacturing power supply products. Since that time, Sanken has grown along with the electronics industry, and the company has established a firm position as a power electronics manufacturer, providing high-quality solutions to meet diverse customer needs. While focusing on the expansion of the semiconductors that are our core business, we will seek to improve the competitiveness of the products we make for electronic components and vehicles, areas with growth potential, and continue to use our accumulated knowledge and expertise to provide society with original and creative products as a power electronics innovator. Against the background of a business environment that is expected to remain uncertain, we aim to further secure an income base, strengthen our corporate structure, promote speed and innovation in technical development and production, and seek to expand the business foundations that are essential to global corporate competition.

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Sanken Electric Categories


  • Discrete
    • Diode
      • Bridge Rectifier
      • PIN
      • Rectifier
      • Zener
    • SCR
      • DIAC
        • TRIAC
          • Thyristor
    • Transistor
      • Darlington BJT
      • Digital BJT
      • GP BJT
      • IGBT Module
      • JFET
      • MOSFET
      • RF BJT
      • RF MOSFET
      • Thyristors
        • Bipolar Transistors
          • GP BJT
        • FET Transistors
          • JFET
          • MOSFET
        • IGBT Transistors
          • IGBT Module
        • RF Diodes-PIN
          • Varactor
        • Rectifiers
          • Bridge Rectifier
        • Regulator Diodes
          • Current Regulator
          • Zener

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