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As an expertise in Smart Human-Machine Interface applications development, ELAN has its core technology devoted in Capacitive Touchpad. Since the release of the Apple iPhone in mid-2007, followed by the introduction of iPod Touch, MacBook Air, and the up coming release of Windows 7.0, the Multi-Finger touch interface has fast grown to be the focus and trend of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) development. As of this date, ELAN's Capacitive Touchpad products include Illuminative Touchpad, Transparent Touchpad, and Virtual Keypad with Dome Touchpad. All these products provide Multi-Finger touch applications for clicking, zooming, scrolling, cursor control, and other gesture mode functions. The Multi-Finger touch solutions from ELAN are smarter, intuitive, user-friendly, reliable, and are fast gaining popularity with reputable consumer electronic products, while the solution is becoming a market trend's smart choice.

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