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Eon Silicon Solution Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company focusing on non-volatile semiconductor memory, merged with Eon Silicon Devices, Inc. which has built up completely flash core technology and product IP. Eon is keeping providing state-of-the-art NOR type Flash Memory, using the most advanced design and process technology and highest quality manufacturing and testing procedures. Our superior quality products provide reliable solutions for the worlds general non-volatile memory needs in computing, communication consumer and industrial markets, and applications. Our vision is dedicated to being a top service provider of non-volatile memory products (NVM), providing superior quality products to worldwide manufacturers to produce good electronic products for all human beings. We create open environment and open style management system to the employees to maximize their full potential. By integrating the employees’ innovation and teamwork, Eon has built up the most competitive product lines in the industry and deliver our customers with the best products and service.

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