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Framatome Connectors International (FCI) is one of the world's leading connector companies. Its subsidiaries produce products under the well know names of Burndy, Jupiter, Souriau, Connectral and Daut+Rietz.

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Framatome Connectors International (FCI Berg) Categories

Connectors, Interconnects

  • Connectors, Interconnects
    • Connector Accessories
    • Connector RF
    • Connector Terminal Blocks
    • I/O Connector
      • Connector Audio and Video
      • Connector Circular
      • Connector Contact
      • Connector D-Subminiature
      • Connector Interface
      • Connector Power
      • Connector SCSI
      • Connector Socket
    • Wire and PCB Connector
      • Connector Backplane
      • Connector Card Edge
      • Connector Discrete Wire Housing
      • Connector FFC-FPC
      • Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles

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