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Harwin is a manufacturer of; high reliability and industry standard interconnects and associated PCB hardware. We command wide-ranging, global capabilities to satisfy customer needs on a local level. A network of distributors coupled with offices and manufacturing facilities in Europe, USA and Asia provides us a global reach and comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies. With more than 60 years history of successfully manufacturing electronic components Harwin has an active portfolio of over 50,000 highly reliable interconnects and PCB hardware items. An Overview Harwin – An Overview With a policy of investing up to 10% of turnover year on year and replacing equipment on a five year cycle, Harwin operates high technology processes in a very modern environment. That ethos goes right back to 1952 and the birth of the company – Harwin’s founder Patrick de Laszlo believed that components should be engineered to the highest possible standards. That goal is still very relevant to us today. Investment in the latest computer aided design and engineering facilities, in statistical process control, and many other leading edge disciplines are ensuring that for Harwin, the future is every bit as bright as its distinguished past.

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Connectors, Interconnects

  • Connectors, Interconnects
    • Connector Accessories
    • Connector RF
    • Connector Terminal Blocks
    • I/O Connector
      • Connector Audio and Video
      • Connector Circular
      • Connector Contact
      • Connector D-Subminiature
      • Connector Interface
      • Connector Power
      • Connector SCSI
      • Connector Socket
    • Wire and PCB Connector
      • Connector Backplane
      • Connector Card Edge
      • Connector Discrete Wire Housing
      • Connector FFC-FPC
      • Connector Headers and PCB Receptacles

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