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Hyper Power Group,founded in March 1994, has built up its manufacturing plants in Taiwan and China. Internationally renowned battery expert Dr. Jim Lee leads the company with 2000 employees including a group of professionals with extensive experience in battery R&D, manufacturing, marketing, and management. Hecell Battery factory is engaged in designing and manufacturing various high performance rechargeable batteries and chargers. Recent environmental awareness, coupled with new legal regulations, has led people to adopt economical high performance, pollution-free nickel-metal hydride batteries instead of nickel-cadmium and non-rechargeable carbon-zinc batteries. As the rechargeable battery is becoming the trend of the future, Hyper Power's high performance rechargeable batteries are designed for portable electric products and communication devices, and combined with a professional battery charger, provide a convenient, cost-effective battery package. Currently the company produces 8 million batteries per month. In addition to manufacturing and marketing single cells, Hecell has also installed several battery assembly lines and provides a variety of battery packs with integrated and comprehensive services. Hyper Power Battery has always dedicated much of its resources in R&D, and working on this has given us the unique and competitive advantages.

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