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ICP Electronics, Inc., founded in 1997, is a leading global specialist in UEMS® (Unique Electronics Manufacturing Services) using its superior knowledge effectively, to offer "tailor-made total solutions" to world leading electronics and technology companies across a broad range of sectors such as medicial application, gaming, factory automation, rugged computing, telecommunication, wired and wireless networking...etc. ICP is constantly looking for innovation. We keep on expanding and recruiting elite professional and talented people as well as providing dynamic training programs simutaneously. In order to fulfill exceptional client requirements, we have established core team for each account and acquire matrix supports from our Research and Development (R&D),Supply Chain Management ,Manufacturing Centers located in Taiwan, China, and California. From the first conceptual design to the final stage mass production, our expertise and experience concentrated in marketing development, product roadmap, design implementation, quick prototyping, cost effective manufacturing on-time delivery and RMA/repairing services to every corner around the world. We have successfully completed more than one thousand projects to support our customers. We also have coordinated effectively with our clients to shorten time to market.

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