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JMicron Technology Corp. is an industry-leading IC company, specializing in designing PCIe and SATA solid state storage device (SSD) controllers, USB to one or dual SATA Bridge controllers, and SATA to SATA port multipliers. JMicron provides a wide selection of SSD controllers, covering SATA 6Gbps and SATA Express Gen2 2-lane- and 4-lane-interfaced SSD controllers. JMicron’s SSD controller technology possesses superior performance and reliability that is critical to our clients' applications; as such, we work in close collaboration with SSD manufacturers and even NAND flash memory producers. JMicron’s diverse peripheral device product portfolio ranges from USB3.1, USB3.0, and USB2.0 to Fire Wire storage solutions--which powers the full spectrum of external storage devices, including single-, two-, and multiple-bay hard disks, SSDs, Blu-ray DVD/CD, and Network Access Storage (NAS) devices with RAID functions.

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