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At Knowles Corporation, we’ve achieved excellence in our industry for more than 65 years. We strive to continuously reinvent our industry and make products more powerful than before. Our products and solutions help our customers find more ways to put better technology to work for their customers. We are a market leader and global supplier of performance audio, intelligent audio, and specialty components in the mobile communications, consumer electronics, hearing health, military/space and other industrial end markets. Our deep understanding of acoustics and the audio ecosystem facilitated our natural progression from acoustic components, to integrated audio modules, into intelligent audio solutions. Supported by rigorous testing, we deliver consistently dependable and precise products including hearing aid components, MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) microphones, speakers, receivers, transducers, capacitors, and oscillators. We are also uniquely positioned to deliver advanced hardware and software solutions including intelligent microphones, voice processors, and other hardware and software solutions that optimize the performance of the audio signal path.

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