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Lantiq - an Intel Company. We have a 20+ year record of technology leadership, innovation, and strong customer relationships. With holistic understanding of broadband technology, complete applications, communication standards and legacy networks, we offer a broad portfolio of highly integrated, flexible end-to-end semiconductor solutions for next generation networks and the digital home. Backed by excellent support, Lantiq provides solutions that give global system manufacturers a competitive edge in creating innovative high-speed data and voice communication products that deliver value to carriers and operators. Our solutions are deployed by major carriers and found in access networks and home networks in every region of the world. Every year, Lantiq ships millions of mixed signal and digital devices to leading OEMs, ODMs and specialized communications/broadband system manufacturers. Our core expertise is the ability to combine world-class mixed signal and digital signal processing to deliver innovative system partitioning and very high level system-on-chip integration.

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