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LP Technologies, Inc. is a technology-based company located in Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A. We address the needs of the expanding RF Technology industry by providing high quality, low cost test solutions through engineering, support, and marketing of LPT Spectrum Analyzers and other RF products. LP Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1997. Today, we are one of the fastest growing test equipment companies in the country and we have become a market leader in providing affordable RF spectrum analyzing solutions. LP Technologies, Inc. offers a number of products to satisfy a variety of applications in many different industries. Our spectrum analyzers range from portable stand alone units to rack-mount, remote control spectrum monitors. LP Technologies products are designed to deliver the highest performance with accuracy and precision. Our products are ideal for the installation, testing, and maintenance of a multitude of applications, including TV & Radio Broadcast, CATV & Satellite Broadcast , VSAT Operators, Wireless Service Providers, Network Operators, Aerospace/Defense, Military, Large Industrial and Manufacturing, Spectrum Management Authorities, Safety Standard Authorities, EMC Test Houses and Service Providers, Governmental Organizations, Educational Institutions/Universities, etc. LP Technologies, Inc. continues to work closely with its customers to provide true customer driven solutions to their spectrum analyzing needs. We provide the features our customers need and we are responsive, dynamic, and helpful. Our team members have years of experience in RF technology and spectrum monitoring solutions.

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