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Since its founding as company in 1973, Maruwa has been honing unique technological capabilities in fine ceramics mass- production technology. Today, each and every one of its members diligently internalizes the corporate philosophy and strives for manufacturing that is considerate to the natural environment. At the same time, they are fully aware of company's social responsibility and adhere to compliance practices. Morever, MARUWA Group considers corporate activities to have an interactive relationship with society, and aims, as its vision for the future, to achieve things that might seem mutually exclusive -"Environmental improvement, alongside cost reduction", Profit gain for the company, alongside return of profits to society", "Happiness of the corporation, alongside happiness of members and stockholders". Eco-friendly product manufacturing, contributions to local communities, enhancement of customers satisfaction - we believe that these and other such things are important duties of the MARUWA Group, and further that they constitute the significance of CSR activities

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