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Parent company – Kingboard Chemical Holdings Ltd. Revenue in 2010 – 33.951 Billion HK$ ( 4.38 Billion USD). Ranked 1982 in The World's 2000 largest Public Companies Since May 2010 the group has been elected by Forbes' The World's 2000 largest Public Companies and Bloomberg Businessweek The 100 largest technology company staff – 67,447 Products structure years 2009 2010 Materials 33% 35% PCB 30% 30% Chemicals 32% 25% Others 5% 5% Nippon established in Hong kong in 1972. Built new Plant in ShenZhen in 1988. Nippon (Boluo) electronics Co.,Ltd established in HuiZhou in 1993. Join Kingboard Chemical Holding Limited as member in 2010. The floor area of plant reaches 300,000 square feet. 1000 full-time staff with advance equipment. Keep improving and adding new equipment,Nippon go a step further to produce multilayer board. The company is certified to ISO9002 and QS9000 in 1997 and 2001.

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