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NICHICON CORPORATION established on August 1, 1950.Product Lines,Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Plastic film capacitors, Positive thermistor “Posi-R”, Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) systems, Household power storage systems, EV Quick Charger, Dispersed power source systems, Switching power supplies, Function modules,Power sources for medical accelerator, Power sources for academic study accelerator, Voltage sag compensator, Long-life voltage sag compensator. In order to respond promptly and efficiently to the globally growing demands of our customers, Nichicon has been constructing its own global network with bases in four key regions of the world: Japan, Asia, the U.S., and Europe. Each base collaborates closely with the others in pursuit of customer satisfaction in all our activities, e.g., production, technology, and services. At Nichicon, we aim to be a “strong partner” for our customers in the development of new products. It is our motto to respond promptly to our customers’ demands and develop products that function at a consistently high level. For this purpose, we have constructed an integrated research and development framework covering all aspects from material research to final product development in the respective fields of “capacitors for electronics,” “circuit products,” and “capacitors for electric apparatus and power utilities.” The research & development and production sectors collaborate closely to put new technologies to practical use and achieve commercialization as quickly as possible.

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  • Capacitors
    • Capacitor Networks and Arrays
      • Capacitor Array
    • Film Capacitors
    • Fixed Capacitor
      • Capacitor Aluminum
      • Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer
      • Capacitor Ceramic Singlelayer
      • Capacitor Electric Double Layer- Supercaps
      • Capacitor Plastic Film
      • Capacitor Tantalum Solid
      • Capacitor Tantalum Wet
    • Variable Capacitors
      • Capacitor Trimmer

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