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With his enterprising spirit, Kibataro Oki (1848-1906) was far ahead of his time in the late 1800s. In January 1881, convinced that the nation was about to enter the age of communications, he founded Meikosha, the origins of today's OKI. For the betterment of corporate value, the OKI Group seeks to provide satisfaction to its customers at all times and to become a trusted partner for our stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, employees, customers and suppliers, and the local societies of the areas in which it operates. In addition to complying with all related laws and regulations, we will implement sound corporate activities consistent with social norms, and fulfill our responsibilities to society in accordance with our corporate mission. To develop core technologies that bolster the "OKI, Network Solutions for a Global Society", the Corporate Research and Development Center and In-house companies involved in info-telecom systems, and printers are taking on numerous research and development challenges.

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