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n the beginning, Powerchip and Japan's Mitsubishi Electric Co. formed the strategic alliance in technology, production and sales; in 2003, Powerchip started to cooperate with Japan's DRAM major manufacturer Elpida Memory Inc. with research, production and sales on the most cutting-edge DRAM products. Besides, Powerchip is also the main partner of Japanese manufacturer Renesas Technology Corp., we manufacture many kinds of logic and memory products with wafer foundry production. In order to establish the technical autonomy, Powerchip started to individually develop high capacity flash memory (NAND Flash) technology and became the only one enterprise in Greater China possess comprehensive technologies in design, process development and NAND Flash production; the 16Gb MLC flash memory product had been awarded the 2011 excellence award from Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan. Powerchip 8 inch wafer fab started the operation at Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park in 1996, and started produce DRAM product; in 2002, the first 12-inch wafer fab of Powerchip (P1 fab) officially started production, so far Powerchip has three 12-inch fabs with total monthly 100 thousand wafers. In December, 2006, Powerchip and Elpida joint ventured the Rexchip Electronic Corp. in Central Taiwan Science Park. In 2008, Powerchip split the 8-inch fab to be independent Maxchip Electronic Corp. and entered the wafer foundry market; in 2008 August, Powerchip sold shares of Rexchip to American Micron and successfully transit to professional wafer foundry, and became the one among the top 6 in the world.

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