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Richtek Technology Corporation is one of the world’s leading analog IC companies. The company consistently delivers inventive power management solutions that improve the performance of consumer electronics, computers, and communications equipment. Richtek adds value to end equipment by synthesizing technological innovation, uncompromised quality, and devotion to customer service. Founded in 1998, the Company is headquartered in Taiwan with additional offices in Asia, the U.S., and Europe. he identity stands for the vision and values of Richtek - to be the leader in the area of power management. This new vision is accompanied with a trustworthy solid logo. The deep blue captures a serious, corporate and technological look, while the wide letterforms enhances a bolder, more stable image. The logo reflects Richtek's determination and emphasis on qualities such as power and leadership.

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Richtek Technology Corporation Категорий


  • Displays
    • Drivers
      • Display Driver
    • LED Displays
      • LED Displays Dot Matrix
      • LED Displays Segmented
      • LEDs and LED Lighting
        • LED Driver
        • LED Indication
          • Infrared Emitter
          • LED
          • LED Panel Mount Indicators
    • STN Graphics Modules
    • TFT Display Modules

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