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SANYO Electric Works founded (Honmachi, Moriguchi City, Osaka) in 1947 SANYO's first model of bicycle generator lamp (Model 47) launched. In 2011, Semiconductor business transferred to ON Semiconductor Corporation, U.S.Became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation. SANYO Electric Group, by developing unique technologies and offering excellent products and sincere services, seeks to become a corporation that is loved and trusted by people around the world. The Group seeks to become" as indispensable as the Sun" for the people of the world. Panasonic Corporation's Basic Management Objective, formulated in 1929 by the company's founder, Konosuke Matsushita. The Basic Management Objective is Panasonic's business philosophy that embodies our mission and devotion to the progress of society and the well being of the people worldwide through our business activities.

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