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Silicon Systems was founded in 1981 and became a leading supplier of disk drive controllers for personal computers, modems and tone-signal generators in answering machines, and other ICs for various applications from opening garage doors to descrambling satellite broadcast signals. The company became a subsidiary of TDK Corporation in 1989. In 1996 TDK sold the storage products portion of SSi to Texas Instruments (TI), and kept the communications products business for itself under the name of TDK Semiconductor Corporation (TSC). Silicon Systems Inc. (SSi) (not to be confused with SiliconSystems, Inc.) was an American semiconductor company based in Tustin, California. The company manufactured mixed-signal integrated circuits and semiconductors for telecommunications and data storage. The company became a supplier of integrated circuits (ICs) for computer disk drives, touch-tone receivers, vehicle loop detectors, and other applications from garage door openers to descrambling satellite broadcast signals.

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