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After several years of research and development work I patented in 1977 the edge bended piezo driven membranes. Today this technology is still used in several Sonitron product series and sales of these products are still expanding after 30 years. My continuous research work resulted in several patents applied in our new products released the last 10 years, such as flat piezo speakers, piezo sirens, underwater speakers and recently the SMAC series of high performance buzzers. Sonitron has become the leading European manufacturer of piezo ceramic audible components. Further research, intensive development and specialist know-how ended in a wide range of high quality and reliable products from the smallest and most cost effective buzzers to the most highly sophisticated alarms. This allows us to meet the needs of many different applications, such as industrial, consumer and military applications. Furthermore we are the prime source for the NATO alarms. Ongoing invest in the in-house disciplines enables Sonitron NV to continue the challenge of maintaining our market reputation and being your first choice supplier of audible components and application support in acoustic technology. Our future activities will not only be focused on research and development of new applications and products, but also on the development of products for Special Customer Requests. Our engineers will study your application and give their support for the realisation of your audio-technology with the Sonitron products. Please send your request to and we will contact you. We thank our customers and sales network throughout the world for the confidence shown in our company and products. They can be assured of our continuous efforts to generate “EXCELLENCE IN PHYSICAL ACOUSTICS” creating an added value to your application. Hugo Michiels President Sonitron NV

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