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Vishay Sprague is well known for having invented the first tantalum capacitors and the first surface-mount tantalum chip capacitors. Vishay Sprague continues this commitment to innovation today through the ongoing development of higher performance tantalum capacitors in a wide range of sizes. With its MicroTan® family, which is built on a unique assembly process, Vishay Sprague offers the smallest tantalum capacitors on the market with the highest capacitance and voltage ratings. The high-energy HE3 wet tantalum capacitor covers the high side of the capacitance spectrum for wet tantalum capacitors, while other types of wet tantalum capacitors can be found in such extreme applications as military, avionics, space, and oil-drilling. Vishay Sprague has the broadest range of tantalum capacitors offered by any manufacturer with devices that also include conformal coated and molded surface-mount styles, as well as both radial and axial through-hole products, covering a wide range of automotive, consumer, industrial, and telecommunications as well as very high-performance applications. Vishay acquired its tantalum capacitor division from Sprague in 1992, which was founded in 1926 by Robert Sprague, founder of the “tone control” capacitor. Vishay subsequently reinforced its position in the marketplace by acquiring tantalum operations from brands like Mepco, Roederstein, Tansitor, North American Capacitor Company (Mallory capacitors) and more recently, Kemet and Arcotronics wet tantalum products. Vishay is the number one manufacturer of wet tantalum and conformal-coated capacitors worldwide.

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