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In April 2000, Stanley Electric Co., Ltd., formulated a basic philosophy for Stanley Electric and the Stanley Group heading toward the 21st century, known as the “Stanley Group Vision.” The “Stanley Group Vision” was established is in the midst of rapid environmental changes, for the basic values of the Stanley Group worldwide, the significance of existence in society, to share the everlasting mission in the entire Group and to bring out the total power of the Group to the full.

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  • Displays
    • Drivers
      • Display Driver
    • LED Displays
      • LED Displays Dot Matrix
      • LED Displays Segmented
      • LEDs and LED Lighting
        • LED Driver
        • LED Indication
          • Infrared Emitter
          • LED
          • LED Panel Mount Indicators
    • STN Graphics Modules
    • TFT Display Modules

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