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By combining and delivering innovation, reliable fulfillment, and speed, we stay ahead of the competition and capture the mindshare of our customers who value our capabilities. Innovation Customers know they can rely on our design teams to develop smart technology from product conception through to manufacture. Our engineers work closely with customers as design partners, to deliver custom solutions. Customers value the design freedom Laird’s products and service can provide. We have Business Design Centers, close to our customers. Reliable Fulfillment A consistent level of high quality engineering and manufacturing processes ensures we deliver quality product on time. We have extensive manufacturing facilities around the globe and are located close to our customers for just-in-time supply. We have precision tooling and state of the art automation incorporated into our production processes. By having on-site testing and required industry accreditation, we provide assurances for customers across a number of different markets – it provides peace of mind to allow them to focus on their own business. Speed Fast response through the design cycle and speed of delivery matters to our customers. We have the ability to turn around prototypes within 24 hours and have quick response times for design iterations. This competitive advantage is highly valued by our customers. Automation and a large skilled local workforce allows us to fulfill customers’ needs reliably and to meet their timescales. Speed is of the essence throughout the whole product cycle from design to production, through to delivery.

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