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Since its foundation in 1955, TOKO has made significant contributions to electronic industry development for more than half a century. We are an electronic component specialist that has always been ahead of the times. In particular, for coil-related products, our core business, we have established global development, production, and sales systems to satisfy our customers across the world, while further evolving technologies. There is an urgent need to balance economic development with global environment conservation. We continue to tackle such challenges and focus on developing and providing high-efficiency products that save resources for the next generation. At the same time, we have a corporate culture of respect for each other and uninhibited exchange of opinion. We are sensitive to sudden changes in the market, respond to our customers’ needs with flexibility and precision, and try to create new value. In order to continue to be an essential company for our customers and society as a whole, we value CSR activities and work to employ sound business practices. We want to contribute as much as we can to achieving a bright, prosperous future for all those that support us.

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