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Founded in 1975, The Talema International Group has established itself as a world leader in the manufacture of toroidal transformers and related magnetic components. A large portion of our output, approximately 75%, is custom designed although a comprehensive range of standard devices is also available. We are proud of our strong technical engineering expertise which has contributed to the growth of our current work force to over 1,200 employees in manufacturing locations in the Czech Republic and India. Outside North America, marketing, sales and after-sales are handled by Talema- Nuvotem, the Irish headquarters as well as Talema’s offices located all across Continental Europe, the UK, Scandinavia, Australia, Asia and the Far East. The North American market is serviced by Talema Group LLC in Rolla, Missouri. Over the years The Talema Group has succeeded in designing, producing and delivering millions of transformers to its customers. In addition to the extensive range of Telecom and LAN magnetics offerings, Talema is fully certified and approved to ISO/TS 16949:2009 and is a supplier of magnetic components to major automotive customers and subcontractors. All facilities maintain very stringent Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures and are certified to and manufacture in accordance with ISO-9001:2008. For the last 37 years Talema has been delivering to OEM entities all over the world and has been successful in winning the approval of the electrical/electronic authorities in each of the national markets. With this official support, plus the valuable contributions made by our local distributors and partners, we have experienced successful, steady growth in market share.

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