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y Techno thick film products include through-hole (leaded) resistors, surface-mount resistors, high-voltage resistors, chip resistors, resistor networks, R/C networks, capacitor networks, as well as custom discrete devices and networks. These Vishay Techno products are found in many applications, including industrial, medical, military, and commercial products. Vishay Techno high-voltage chip resistors and dividers, with working voltage capabilities up to 3000 V, feature multiple options for termination style, material, and configurations, including solderable, wire or epoxy bondable and non-magnetic, and are available in catalog or custom options. Vishay Techno also offers leaded (both radial and axial) through-hole planar resistors with working voltage capabilities up to 30,000 V, and very high ohmic values reaching up to 3 Tera-ohms. Vishay Techno’s product portfolio is available in both lead (Pb)-bearing and lead (Pb)-free/RoHS compliant versions.

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