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ishay is a worldwide leader in thin film technology. Precision resistive products branded Vishay Dale Thin Film include surface-mount networks, surface-mount chips, through-hole (leaded) resistors, hybrid resistors, and networks and arrays. Vishay Dale Thin Film technology employs photolithographic precision patterning to give designers a wide range of resistance values in the smallest possible area. Vishay Dale Thin Film technologies include tamelox, tantalum nitride, nichrome, and passivated nichrome. Vishay's Quick-Net™, a rapid prototyping service for precision thin film products, is the first such service in the industry to promise designers and manufacturers a two-week turnaround with no non-recurring engineering (NRE) charges. Vishay's Quick-Net service dramatically shortens the process of bringing end products requiring precision analog circuitry to market. Quick-Net also allows designers to qualify improved ratio and TCR tracking specifications when integrating resistive elements into a single network. Vishay's Quick-Chip Program offers customers the opportunity to purchase a limited volume of products with a lead time of just 10 days, which can dramatically shorten the process of bringing end products that use Thin Film chip resistors to market.

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