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Oct. 26, 2004--Taiwanese semiconductor memory specialist U-Chip and Ansoft Corporation (Nasdaq:ANST) jointly announce their partnership for integrated circuit (IC) design and simulation. The power of Ansoft's Nexxim(TM) circuit simulator is essential for U-chip to predict transient behavior and power consumption of their embedded read only memory (ROM) IC designs.

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  • Capacitors
    • Capacitor Networks and Arrays
      • Capacitor Array
    • Film Capacitors
    • Fixed Capacitor
      • Capacitor Aluminum
      • Capacitor Ceramic Multilayer
      • Capacitor Ceramic Singlelayer
      • Capacitor Electric Double Layer- Supercaps
      • Capacitor Plastic Film
      • Capacitor Tantalum Solid
      • Capacitor Tantalum Wet
    • Variable Capacitors
      • Capacitor Trimmer

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