Product Detail: VDRS10P510BSE - Circuit Protection - Varistor

Category: Circuit Protection
Sub Category: Electrical Distribution and Protection > Varistor
Manufacturer: Vishay
Description: Var MOV 510VAC/670VDC 2500A 820V Radial Bulk A varistor is an electronic component with an electrical resistance that varies with the applied voltage.[1] Also known as a voltage-dependent resistor (VDR), it has a nonlinear, non-ohmic current–voltage characteristic that is similar to that of a diode. In contrast to a diode however, it has the same characteristic for both directions of traversing current. At low voltage it has a high electrical resistance which decreases as the voltage is raised. Varistors are used as control or compensation elements in circuits either to provide optimal operating conditions or to protect against excessive transient voltages. When used as protection devices, they shunt the current created by the excessive voltage away from sensitive components when triggered.

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