About Us

The Broker Forum is the leading international eMarketplace dedicated to brokers and distributors in the electronic components industry.

Established in 1996, The Broker Forum is a well-recognized online trading platform. It provides its members with a secure and neutral marketplace where they can source, buy and sell active and passive components, integrated chips, semi-conductors, diodes, transistors and other electronic components.

For both brokers and distributors, The Broker Forum’s innovative products and services reduce risk, accelerate time to market, increase productivity, and help members remain competitive in today’s international marketplace.

Over 60 million line items of in-stock electronic component inventory are available to thousands of members around the globe. Every day, over 100,000 parts are searched by these members. The availability of parts along with the volume of member activity is just one way in which The Broker Forum distinguishes itself on the market.

The Broker Forum is committed to lowering the risks of international trade. All members of the marketplace are individually vetted in order to help control the quality of the membership base and the parts being traded through the site.

Personalized, multi-lingual service is available to all members of The Broker Forum.

Mission Statement

Provide buyers and vendors in the electronic components industry a global trade marketplace, dedicated to giving members the ability to make timely and well-informed decisions through innovation and leading solutions.

About mdf commerce

mdf commerce (TSX: MDF) mdf commerce is a world-leading operator of e-commerce solutions. mdf commerce's e-business networks allow buyers and sellers within specific industries to source, purchase or sell products and to exchange documents more efficiently using the Internet. mdf commerce operates 15 networks, including industry leaders The Broker Forum, PowerSource On-Line, Telecom Finders, Global Wine & Spirits and Polygon. mdf commerce also owns MERX, the exclusive provider of e-publishing services to the Government of Canada, and is a leading provider of government bid aggregation services and e-procurement services in the U.S. Headquartered in Longueuil, mdf commerce has several offices in North America and Asia. For more information, please visit us at www.mdfcommerce.com or call 1 877 677-9088.

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