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Standard Features

Inventory Listings Green Check Green Check

Expand your inventory advertising reach to a global network of professionals looking to buy and sell electronic components.

Buy and Sell Postings Green Check Green Check

Take advantage of daily specials and promotions to members worldwide. Find the best values from vendors that can meet your exact requirements.

Procurement System Green Check Green Check

Managing your transactions and purchase orders online has never been easier.

Member Feedback Green Check Green Check

Make informed decisions about buying and selling electronic components using independent assessments of a member’s quality, inventory, service and experience.

Exact Match Green Check Green Check

As a buyer, post your sourcing requirements and instantly receive a listing of all vendors capable of satisfying your request. As a seller, cross-reference your inventory with buyers’ urgent requirements.

24/5 Multi-Lingual Customer Service Green Check Green Check

Personalized care in your language 24/5 when you need it.

Value-Add Services    
Escrow Services Green Check Green Check

Secured services like Escrow help you reduce the risks of international trading.

Vendor Certifications Red X Green Check

Our Verified and In-Stock Certified Programs (ISCP) let you become a preferred trading partner on a global scale.

* Prices are based on yearly contracts in USD

Who can become a member of The Broker Forum?

Membership access to The Broker Forum website is dedicated to brokers, and independent or franchised distributors.

How does the free trial work?

We offer a fully-functional, no obligation free trial so that you can experience the benefits of The Broker Forum and grow your business and network without any risk or cost. To sign-up, simply provide basic information on your company and a customer service representative will contact you within 1 business day to explain the different features of The Broker Forum marketplace, set up your trial access and assist you throughout the process.

Once I’ve signed up for membership or a free trial, will I have instant access?

No. The Broker Forum vets all members before granting them access to the site in order to help control the quality of the membership base.

What type of payment can I use for my membership?

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Pay-Pal, check or wire transfer. Your credit card will be billed quarterly, semi-yearly or yearly at the rate for your chosen level of membership contract.

What if I need assistance? What kind of support can I expect?

The Broker Forum offers 24-hour customer support, free training, and accessible advice from industry-leading experts and multi-lingual, personalized service.

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