The Broker Forum Escrow Fees

All Transactions

under $12 500


Fee per transaction

All Transactions

$12 501 - $50 000


Fee per transaction

All Transactions

Above $50 000

1% of the transaction amount
(minimum of $500), + 0.5%
of any transaction amount
over $50 000


The Buyer or the Vendor shall pay Broker Forum the Escrow fees below as per the conditions negotiated online between both parties, provided however that:

The Vendor shall pay the full Escrow fee if (i) it cancels or cannot ship the parts within the stock preparation time or (ii) it cannot ship the parts as per the terms and conditions agreed online, unless the Vendor is a non-member in which case the Buyer shall pay the full Escrow fee.

The Buyer shall pay the Escrow fee if it cancels the order before the stock preparation time, after funds have been received by Broker Forum.

Escrow fees shall be non-refundable, unless otherwise stated in this Fee Policy or in the Escrow Agreement.


Buyer shall pay all the selected bank wire transfer fees charged by such bank to effect the transfer of the Funds to Broker Forum, together with a minimum of US$30 fee (the "Broker Forum Wire Transfer Fee") charged by Broker Forum to process the wire transfer(s). Broker Forum reserves the right to increase the Broker Forum Wire Transfer Fee to cover for any shortfall in previous wire transfer payment(s). The Vendor is responsible for paying the bank fees and wire transfer fees incurred by Broker Forum for any additional wire transfer(s) that must be made to complete an Escrow transaction. Unless expressly provided otherwise, the Buyer must pay for all local and overseas bank charges. In the event Broker Forum does not receive the full expected amount, the escrow transaction may be delayed until the full expected amount is received or until a written agreement has been entered into between Broker Forum and the Buyer. In the event the Buyer sends the Funds to Broker Forum membership account, the Buyer is responsible for paying the additional charges to transfer the funds to Broker Forum escrow account. Further, the Broker Forum Escrow service reserves the right to charge, to either party, any additional administrative fees (a minimum of US $70) incurred due to an abuse of the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement (the 'Legal Agreement').


Broker Forum shall have the right, in their sole discretion, to modify any portion of the fee structure for any reason, at any time without prior notice. Changes to the Escrow Fee Policy shall become effective immediately upon its posting on Broker Forum's web site.