The Broker Forum Solutions offer advanced eTrade solutions for electronic components brokers and distributors

Discover the features and value-add services that make The Broker Forum invaluable to buyers and sellers of electronic components around the world.

In-Stock Certified Program

In-Stock Certified Program (ISCP)

Receive the recognition of a stocking vendor

As one of the most popular Broker Forum services, the In-Stock Certified Program (ISCP) provides qualifying members with a preferred trading status based on the in-stock status of their inventory. The ISCP symbol beside your company name is a symbol of recognition that promotes business and confidence in electronic components trading worldwide.

Escrow Services

Escrow Services

Protect your business transactions

Offering protection and peace of mind, our unique Escrow services help reduce the risks of trading with a company that you have never interacted with before. The Broker Forum Escrow Services act as a holding agent for purchasing funds and facilitate the transaction from beginning to end.

Verified Program

Verified Program

Build trust and solid partnerships

Verified Program offers certification to qualified members of the network. All companies with a verified profile have been authenticated personally by a Broker Forum representative and must adhere to specific certification standards. The Verified tag demonstrates and promotes your commitment to high quality standards for electronic components trading.

Web Wizard

Web Wizard

Put The Broker Forum’s inventory to work for you

Give your clients access to over 60 million line items of in-stock inventory and seamlessly brand our powerful search engine as your own. With Web Wizard, automatically post your own inventory or all of The Broker Forum's listings directly on your website for the benefit of your customers.

XML Solutions

XML Solutions

Real-time connection to the world’s largest inventory of electronic components

  • XML Live Inventory Update

    Ensure your online inventory is 100% accurate and up-to-date. Your inventory management system is synchronized with our database, automatically updating your inventory listings live on The Broker Forum website.

  • XML Search

    Access search results directly from your intranet or in-house application. Benefit from the ability to match part numbers and perform precise searches within a database of millions of parts worldwide.

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