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Toshiba leads the world in NAND-type Flash memories-and not only because we originated the technology. NAND Flash is now an important pillar of our business, with demand growing fast for application in large capacity memory media, such as SD Memory Cards and USB Memory. Discrete devices are single-function components essential to all kinds of electronic equipment. It's a fundamental business, and one where Toshiba Semiconductor & Storage Products Company has the world's largest market share. Our wide product line-up meet demanding customer needs in such areas as power saving, low power consumption, high speed digitalization, size and weight reduction and improved performance. Discrete devices are now increasingly used in information and communications equipment and mobile phones. Align with cloud computing, storage products commit continue to develop higher speed and larger capacity. From enterprise to consumer application, Toshiba supports various customers' requirements with full product line up (high speed, high capacity, thin and slim, etc.)

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