The Broker Forum's
Escrow Service Enables secure transactions for all parties

The Broker Forum's Escrow Service is an online agreement between two companies allowing The Broker Forum to act as a third party holder of funds in trust for a confirmed Purchase Order until the predefined terms and conditions are fulfilled. Our professional escrow staff is ready to assist you, they hold years of experience in working with businesses in the electronic components industry. Move ahead with our Escrow services, you can do business with confidence knowing your funds are secured.

The Broker Forum’s unique Escrow Services offers more benefits

  • Secure your funds and reduce your risks
  • Professional service as part of your transactions
  • Option of acceptance conditions geared to your needs
  • Multiple part numbers allowed on a single Escrow transaction
  • Ensure the parts you ordered are what you paid for
  • No additional charge for replacement parts within the same Escrow transaction
  • All of these extra benefits are courtesy to every member and each invited guest on TBF

Top Escrow Users

T.E.S. Ltd. AIC Semiconductor Co., Ltd. KK WISDOM LIMITED

NEW Loyalty Points for Everyone!

Piggy bank

We are pleased to introduce our New Cash Back feature where companies earn reward points for each paid Escrow fee and vendors earn reward points for every successful escrow transaction completed. 25 points are awarded to each company and after only 4 transactions with the above mentioned conditions, your company can:

Redeem points for Dollars

25 Points = $25 cash back on Escrow services

or $15 cash back on other TBF services.

A minimum of 100 points is required to redeem for cash. 

NEW!  Effective in 2019, loyalty points will expire 2 years after the accumulated date.  (Note: Points will be held for up to 1 year for inactive accounts).  Hurry, don’t wait, cash in your points now!

TBF Escrow Continues to Welcome Buyers
and Vendors as Guests!

Laptop and Phone

As a TBF member, you may also invite a Buyer or a Vendor to be your Escrow Guest. To initiate a transaction with a member or non-member, a Broker Forum Customer Support Representative can assist you in sending or replying to the RFQ to ensure the necessary steps are taken towards a smooth transaction or from your TBF account select Trading Center then click “Manage my Escrow-Only Contact Book” and “Send invitation”.

Escrow Video