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Trade in real-time with electronic component brokers and distributors worldwide.

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We aim to lower trading risks by providing escrow services, member ratings and symbolic distinction within our international member base.

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Offering regional customer support, training, industry expertise and personalized multi-lingual service, we deliver better business with a personal touch.

Stand out in the international electronic components marketplace and do business your own way.

Services and features tailored to professionals in the electronic components industry: find rare parts, customize search results, find exact matches, and more. We help you do business your way.


Vince and your Escrow team continue to rise above the rest to support our continuous Escrow needs. TBF Escrow site is thorough yet simplistic. We couldn’t be happier with your first-class performance.

James Yannaco Jr.

The Broker Forum is very helpful to our business and helps us establish connection and trust with our customers. We have found some high-quality cooperative customers here. And the customer service manager Selina is very nice, professional, and meticulous. We are very appreciated for her assistance and support.

New Ideas Industrial Co., Limited 

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