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Associated Components Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer of electronic inductors, coils, chokes, transformers and other magnetics — components that produce the characteristic of inductance in printed circuit boards. We manufacture both surface mount and conventional through-hole types. We specialize in ultra-fast turnaround of large production quantities.We understand that in many industries, product lifecycles are much too short for long component lead times. So instead of deliveries 12, 16 or even 20 weeks from now, we offer you quantity in six weeks — and often less. We frequently fill orders for 100,000 pieces from stock on hand! As we say often, “Others promise; we ACT!” We are a privately held corporation established in 1989. Our mission is to provide the highest levels of service available in the industry, to produce a full range of inductive components, and to offer our products and services to customers at competitive prices. We are members of the American Electronics Association and of the American Coil Winding Association. Our goals are continually to improve our service and quality in order to achieve our customers’ total satisfaction. Customers are the focus of our efforts. From the President to our warehouse and production personnel, each job must be performed with our customer’s requirements and satisfaction in mind. Quality comes first. Quality is defined by our customers, and by our own pride in workmanship. Our customers require products and services that meet or exceed their needs — at competitive prices. We believe that quality is best achieved by preventing potential problems before they occur, rather than correcting them afterward. We believe in constant improvement. ACT is committed to excellence and continuous improvement in all aspects of our work, in our products and in our services to you, our customer.

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Circuit Protection

  • Circuit Protection
    • ESD Protection Diodes
      • TVS
    • Electrical Distribution and Protection
      • Varistor
    • Overcurrent Protection
      • Fuses
    • Surge protection Modules
      • Surge Arrestor
    • Thermal Management
      • ESD Suppressors

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