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Top 5 Reasons why electronic component brokers and distributors worldwide choose The Broker Forum


The most recognized eMarketplace offering the largest online inventory of electronic components in the industry

The Broker Forum features the largest online inventory in the international electronic components industry, and provides its members worldwide with a marketplace to buy, sell and trade electronic components. Discover over 60 million line items of in-stock inventory, and an international network of thousands of independent and franchised distributors and brokers.


The industry’s most powerful online sourcing and advertising tools for electronic components

An advanced search engine that lets you search and filter millions of components in the world’s largest online marketplace. An Exact Match feature that allows you to find the right parts at the right price. XML services that ensure real-time inventory accuracy. These are just some of the robust, intuitive tools and convenient features that make it easy for electronic components professionals like you to manage and grow your business.


Secure trading and verification services

The Broker Forum understands that it’s not always easy to trade with certainty in the international electronic components community. Tools and services like the In-Stock Certified Program, Member Feedback, Escrow Services and the Verified Program are designed to help you reduce risk and secure your trades.


Unparalleled customer care and expertise

We help independent and franchised brokers and distributors around the world to grow their business with multi-lingual support and industry insights. Available to you 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.


Our commitment to innovation

For years, we have been providing the community of electronic component brokers and franchised distributors with unique, time-tested services that set the standard of excellence in our industry. With tailored services and tools, The Broker Forum is the most cost effective way to stand out in the international electronic components marketplace and successfully do business your own way.

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