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For very good reasons, because, for more than one hundred years, we are focussed in our daily work on the most important object, to satisfy our customers. Of course, it is not easy to meet these expectations over such a long period of time. Electronic component manufacturing is a key industry that does not tolerate mistakes, and customers’ requirements are very complex and challenging. Again and again, they demand our full efforts beginning with research and development and finally in logistics and marketing. Hence we invite our customers’ involvement in numerous stages of production processes but above all with regard to quality assurance, right from the beginning, and thus make sure that we continue to offer our products at a high quality level. Products that can be found equally in heating controls, drink dispensing machines, dish washers or motor cars. If, at STOCKO, we talk of secure connections then for this reason that in every one of our connectors an element of conviction reverberates that good connections are always a matter of trust

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