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SAMS Technical Publishing, (formerly the Howard W. Sams Company) is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Company began more than 60 years ago as a publisher of service manuals for radio technicians. Founder Howard W. Sams saw a market gap that no one was filling - the need for service technicians to have schematics and other service guidelines for the radios they were repairing. Thus began the long and illustrious history of PHOTOFACT®. Over time, as television began to replace radio, PHOTOFACT migrated from radios to the new medium. The company Howard W. Sams founded in 1946 with 12 people, underwent many changes in owners and publishing missions over the years. During its illustrious publishing history SAMS Technical Publishing, has been the home of: Bobbs-Merrill Publishing (Joy of Cooking and Raggedy Ann & Andy Who's Who in America Sams Computer Books Howard Sams Technical Institute (predacessor to ITT) Intertech Publishing R&R Newkirk GK Hall Michie Law Publishers Prompt Publicatios Premier Press (formerly Prima Tech) Trackside Publications Indy-Tech Publishing Today, SAMS Technical Publishing continues to publish the product that launched it, publishing over 150 new PHOTOFACT service manuals each year. There are now over 4,800 manuals in print, with the Company now the nation's largest provider of after-market service data for the consumer electronics industry. PHOTOFACT service manuals can be found as part of a permanent exhibit in the Indiana State Museum. SAMS Technical Publishing is also once again publishing electronics-related titles, as well as books for automotive enthusiasts. We're focused on reclaiming our position as one of the top technical publishers in the world. SAMS Technical Publishing is also publishing works by local Indiana authors.

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