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During the last half a century, Samwha Capacitor Group has been faithfully performing its role as the "Seed Company" for the development of Korea electronics industry and has become a global leading company by establishing on-site production and sales subsidiaries in eleven sites in eight nations all over the world Samwha Capacitor Group is realizing its another vision which is to go beyound the leading global company and develop as the value-creating company for the humankind and natural environment. Therefore, Samwha Capacitor Group will not only enrich the substance by differentiated quality management but also will develop innovative tech-neologies and high-profit business models based on "Passion for challenges" in order to ensure the value of the Future We are well aware of the fact that the reason Samwha Capacitor Group has been performing the pivotal role in the domestic electronics industry is because of the continuous support and trust from the client and the stockholders. We are always grateful for your support. We promise that Samwha Capacitor Group will continue to return your interest and concern by providing the best client satisfaction and value creation.

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