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Founded in 1989 to manufacture chip resistors, TA-I is now one of the world's largest chip resistor suppliers. Due to its advanced technology and strong management team, TA-I has earned a reputation for providing excellent service and competitive prices. From the beginning, TA-I has operated on the principles of Teamwork , Innovation , Quality , Service and Sharing which is reflected in the way we treat our customers, in our human-based management, and in the top professionals we attract with our generous employee benefits. TA-I never hesitates to invest and strive to satisfy customer needs. Since 2003, TA-I has devoted 3-5% per year on the R&D of thin film and lithography platforms, and has also expanded into the area of circuit protection components. Looking toward the future, TA-I continuously works to innovate, maintain a steady operation, and build a better team to best face prospective challenges and to benefit our consumers in the global photoelectricity field.

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  • Resistor
    • Fixed Resistor
      • Resistor Fixed Single-Surface Mount
        • Resistor Fixed Single-Through Hole
      • Resistor Networks & Arrays
    • Through Hole Resistors
    • Variable Resistors
      • Resistor Trimmers,Potentiometer and Rheostat
      • Thermistor

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