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Established in Babylon, NY in 1968 as the North American subsidiary of Semitec Corporation of Japan, Semitec USA upholds the corporate philosophy of excellence in all that we do. We strive to uphold the “Best in Class” consideration the Semitec brand holds worldwide. Upholding the philosophy of excellence, Semitec USA Corp relocated in 2008 to our current home in Torrance, California to better serve our customers. As a designer and manufacturer of thermistors and thermistor assemblies, we continue to grow our business throughout North America. Promoting the Semitec brand through a network of professional Manufacturers Representatives and Distributors, Semitec USA Corp has rapidly gained recognition in North America. We have become known not only for world class product but also for our relentless pursuit of satisfying our customers. The Medical Market, in particular, associates Semitec for the smallest, most accurate and innovative temperature sensors available anywhere. Our primary sensor technology, NTC thermistors, enjoy a 60% market share in the electronic thermometer market, a 70% market share in the hybrid vehicle market and an 80% market share in the office automation market. Semitec also enjoys a high market share in the computer and mobile communication device battery pack market. We are also becoming the temperature sensor of choice in the medical device market such as ablation catheters, blood glucose monitoring devices and emerging renal denervation medical device market. Whatever your application, simple or complex, Semitec has a viable solution. Our local sales, engineering and customer service staff are available to assist at all levels of product development. Whether the demand is a component or a completed temperature assembly, Semitec USA can assist at any level from concept to development and manufacturing.

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Circuit Protection

  • Circuit Protection
    • ESD Protection Diodes
      • TVS
    • Electrical Distribution and Protection
      • Varistor
    • Overcurrent Protection
      • Fuses
    • Surge protection Modules
      • Surge Arrestor
    • Thermal Management
      • ESD Suppressors

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