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NIC Components Corporation [ ™], in association with Nippon Industries Co. Ltd is a designer, manufacturer and worldwide supplier of passive components. 1975 - Nippon Industries Company Ltd. (NIC Japan) Founded 1982 - NIC Components Corporation Established USA 1997 - NIC Components Europe Ltd. Established UK 1998 - NIC Components Asia Pte Ltd. Established Singapore NIC Components Corp., in partnership with Nippon Industries Co. Ltd., has been manufacturing and designing passive components for over 36 years. By integrating design, raw materials and production expertise, NIC has established itself as a leader in passive component technology. From a core business of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, NIC expanded its product offering to Tantalum Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, DC Film Capacitors, Thick and Thin Film Resistive Products and an expanding line of Power Inductors and Ferrite Chip Beads. NIC maintains engineering offices in Japan and Taiwan that oversee our production facilities in Asia. Our engineering staff works closely with these factory sites for quality assurance and technology dissemination. Warehouse and sales offices in North America, Southeast Asia and Europe support customer logistics and service requirements. NIC offers "Live Support" via our web-site to aid our customers in component selection and technical guidance. The NIC web-sites now offers one of the most comprehensive cross-reference databases in our industry. Technical data including application notes, life test data and process guides offer engineers a one stop library for their passive component needs. Samples and sample kits are always available to qualified customers, the majority shipped from our extensive inventory. The major advantage you will find when engaging with NIC is our people. NIC boasts one of the most experienced and highly trained sales teams in the world averaging more than 15 years of passive components experience.

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