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SAGAMI ELEC CO., LTD. was established in 1956 as a manufacturer that specializes in electronic parts such as various high frequency coils. We actively developed an overseas strategy at an early stage, and have developed original valuable products since then. In today’s convenient, comfortable daily life, which is supported with variously evolved digital products such as mobile, audio-visual, information and automotive supplies, the contribution given by high-quality coils is essential. We believe that our mission is continuous contribution to the advancement of the digital society by further promoting the winding and component technology, which has been cultivated in our history of more than five decades. Moreover, we will not only meet requests by each customer promptly, but also anticipate customer needs and deliver fresh recommendations by being involved right from the research and development stage of electronic devices. Our business conduct is to “Keep a promise” no matter the circumstances. Each one of us is loyal to a company motto “I make it happen!” and puts all one’s strength to meet various, challenging customer requests. SAGAMI ELEC CO., LTD. will maintain and expand the good relationship with each customer as a company that is always essential for the world.

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